About Public Information

Welcome to the Ministry of Agriculture official web-page for proactive disclosure of public information and e-request of public Information, where you will be provided with an opportunity to obtain a proactively published public information and if desired one might request it in the electronic form.

The person responsible for public information: Nana Chinchilakashvili

Address: 0159, Tbilisi, Marshall # 6

Phone: (+ 995 32) 237 80 09; 237 80 14

E. Mail: infomoa@moa.gov.ge

Everyone will have an access to public information and will be able to obtain copies of documents, if it does not contain state, professional or commercial secrets or personal data.

Public information may be requested in written, or in an electronic form.

Please carefully read the information below:

What is public information?

An official document (including drawing, model, plan, diagram, photograph, electronic information, video and audio recordings), an information stored in or received by a public agency / public servant that is related to public activities, an information which is processed, sent, or  proactively published  by a public agency.

Copies of public information are open and available to everyone and isn’t imposed any fee on a requester of a public record, moreover, in accordance with the Georgian Law on Fees for Duplicating Public Information Copies, individuals requesting copies of public information will be charged to pay the following fees:

Photocopy - one page - 0.05 GEL; Printed out copy - one page - 0,10 GEL;

In accordance with the law regarding "Fees for copying public information"

A) Photocopy of  A4 or A5 paper size - one page - 0.05 GEL;

B) one laser printed page - 0.10 GEL;

C) record an information on a compact disk - 1 disc - 2.65 GEL;

D) copy an information on a floppy disk - 1 floppy disk - 1,3 GEL;

E) provide an access to a record on a video cassette upon request- 1 hour - 2.75 GEL;

F) ) provide an access to a record on a audio cassette - 1 hour - 0.50 GEL.

fee for Copy of Public Information isn’t imposed

A) on a  requester of an information, who records public information on the floppy or compact disk;

B) In case if public information is sent by e-mail (if the requested information can not be sent electronically due to its volume, the Ministry reserves right to ensure a requester of an information to have an access to record an information on a CD and to pay the appropriate fee);

C) for physical entities engaged in public institutions copying their  personal data

Public information will be issued immediately, except in exceptional cases provided in Article 40 of the Administrative Code.

A public institution will issue a public information immediately no later than 10 days. The applicant should be notified immediately in case of refusal, if he/she receives a refusal notice

Refuse a request for public information

In case of a refusal, with reference of a structural subdivision or a public institution which provided consultations on the incidence of refusal to issue an information, from making decision within three days, a written statement will be provided to a person to explain his/her right about  appeal procedure.

Confidentiality and Privacy of Personal Data

Personal data - any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity;

A public agency will not disclose the personal information without that person's consent or by law- reasoned court decision, except personal data of officials (also data of candidates nominated for positions).

Commercial secret

Commercial secret - information about the plan, formula, process, product or any kinds of other information with a commercial value that is used to produce, prepare, or provide service and / or which represents an innovation or a significant technical accomplishment, as well as other sensitive information the disclosure of which may cause a damage to a  competitive image of a person.

Professional secrecy

Professional secret - information that represents someone's personal data or commercial secret and a person becomes aware of it due to the fulfilment of his professional responsibility.

State secret


State secret –information, including data containing state secrets in the areas of defence, economy, foreign relations, intelligence, national security and law enforcement, the disclosure or loss of which can prejudice the sovereignty, constitutional order, political or economic interests of Georgia or any party to international agreements and covenants that, based on the rule provided for by this Law and/or international agreements or covenants, is recognised as a state secret, and is subject to state protection.

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