Statements by Minister

Development of agricultural sector place one of the major roles in Georgia’s economic development. Having this in mind, our goal is the maximum utilization of existing potential in agriculture. Since 2013, due to the government endeavor and with the support of International Organizations and Donor institutions and also with involvement of private sector we have achieved tangible positive results in agricultural sector development. As you aware, in the Strategy of Georgian Agricultural development 2015-2020, it is well defined the Strategic vision of development of agriculture in Georgia. The vision is based on the principles of sustainable development and aims at creation of an environment which will greatly contribute to increase of competitiveness in Agro food Sector, will insure food security, food safety, and elimination of poverty in rural areas.  All projects and supportive measures at the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia for the development of sector are being planned and implemented based on above mentioned vision. Challenges of year 2015 common for our country and the whole region have been tackled quit successfully. 
It should be mentioned that, after signing EU Association Agreement the majority of new challenges falls on the Agricultural Sector. Signing DCFTA agreement has created a real perspective of exporting Georgian products to EU market which consists of 28 countries and more than 500 million customers. 
One of the main objectives of the Ministry is to develop business oriented agriculture in the country and to turn Georgia as an exporter of Agricultural food. 
To achieve above mentioned goals the Ministry of Agriculture has taken various significant measures. 
More then 100 ha is already being irrigated which is significant achievement for amelioration sector.
The process of cooperation in Agriculture sector is being contacted quit successfully. There are more than 1200 Agricultural cooperatives in the country. Projects for the development of nuts, beekeeping and Georgian tea have been initialized. 
Significant measures have been implemented towards Viticulture and winemaking. Among them are Vineyards Cadaster program and markets diversification. 
New approaches used during last three years in vintage has stimulated development of the sector. 
Another important priority direction in agriculture is the Food safety. Significant results have been achieved in terms of food safety as well as in plant protection and veterinary. 
We have Tangible progress in laboratory research and diagnostics. 
This year, phytosanitary laboratory of International Standards has been established which has significantly strengthened Georgia’s positions on International trade arena. 
The effective functioning of the scientific research Centre is fundamentally important for the development of agricultural field. This contributes to the maximally usage of the existing potential, yield increase and to tackling the existing problems based on scientific analyzes. The number of projects are being implemented successfully such as: „plant the future”, applications regarding creation more than 700 ha garden areas have already been satisfied and most of them financed as well. 
„Small farmers Spring Works support program“, created additional Stimulus to rural people to come back to land cultivation. 
As of today the total amount of Agro Credits is more than 1 Billion GEL. We are facing important challenges in Agro insurance as well. By 2015, approximately 192 million costed risks are insured. 139 new enterprises were put into operation and 665 were modernized. 
In newly established enterprises approximately 3500 job places have been created and in extended enterprise due to the modernization 10.000 new jobs were created. 
All above mentioned is the clear evidence of positive results in development of agricultural sector which has been achieved with the strong supportive endeavors of the Government.
Finally, it should be noted that in 2016 the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia plans to implement number of projects contributing to the development of the Agricultural sector and for this reason we should use our resources rationally and to the maximum benefit.