For Investors

Full utilization of Georgian agricultural potential is vitally important for the Georgian economy. For this purpose, the Government intends to create a favorable business environment, attract investments to agriculture and carry out policies that would actively promote further commercialization and growth. Along with that, most important is to ensure food safety and security, which is the main duty of the Government, and in particular the MoA.

Georgia has a rich agricultural traditions. These traditions are integral part of country’s history, mentality and cultural heritage. Agriculture played an important role in maintaining its unique identity, self-positioning and economic development. However, up today, agriculture and food producing significantly lagged to the rest of economic growth.

During the last years, as a result of Governmental efforts and good international cooperation, the positive tendencies are being observed in regard to expanding the export market, increase of production and attracting the investment in the agricultural sector. 

As a result of systemic measures launched in 2013, the positive tendencies are also being observed in regard to the foreign trade in agro sector.

Carrying out the right policy, our producers, farmers and peasants will have the possibility to respond successfully to the new challenges that Georgia faces after signing the association agreement with EU; they also have the possibility to produce the ecologically clean products with EU standards and successfully position themselves on the international markets.