Heads of Departments

გივი მერაბიშვილი

Givi Merabishvili

25 November 2013 წელი
Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department provides preparation of legal opinions on standard acts projects, developed by the Ministry structural units and institutions of . . .
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Tamar Zedgenidze

29 July 2017 წელი
Financial - Economic Departmentis responsible for managing Ministry Budget and Financial resources, unified draft budget development.Department carries out targeted use o . . .
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ვალერიან მჭედლიძე

Valerian Mtchedlidze

08 August 2011 წელი
Amelioration and Land Management Departmentcarries out policy development and its implementation control, rational use of land, soil conservation, defines unified state p . . .
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ხატია წილოსანი

Khatia Tsilosani

05 January 2012 წელი
Responsibility for Internationalrelations within the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia is entrusted to the International Relations Department, which provides strengtheni . . .
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ლ. ინაური

Lasha Inauri

19 December 2011 წელი
EU Integration Department is implementing the harmonization process of the agricultural legal acts with that of EU legislation; ensuring the coordination between the stru . . .
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Alex Potapov

09 January 2015 წელი
IT Department is in charge of elaboration of united information-technology policy and its introduction to the central apparatus, regional services and subordinated bodies . . .
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Zviad Shurghaia

02 November 2015 წელი
Internal Audit Department provides risk assessment and determines evaluation of quality risk management, improves Ministry system performance and its objectives by promot . . .
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Ekaterine Zviadadze

04 July 2014 წელი
Policy - Analysis Department within its competence defines agricultural sector development policies, strategies and action plans, faultlessness in agriculture sector exis . . .
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Shalva Kereselidze

20 December 2011 წელი
Regional Coordination Department, within its competence, ensures the coordination of activities between the regional services of the Ministry and territorial authorities . . .
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Tengiz Kalandadze

22 December 2015 წელი
Department of Food and Agriculture provides livestock breeding, plant growing, fishery, food safety and quality assurance within the country, pursues rural - agricultural . . .
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ნანა ჩინჩილაკაშვილი

Nana Chinchilakashvili

16 August 2016 წელი
Public Relations Department’s core functions include mass media communication, informing society of the Ministry competency based issues, current projects and future pla . . .
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იგორ სიჭინავა

Igor Sichinava

29 January 2016 წელი
Administrative Department provides administrative and organizational activities, sessions and meetings organized by the Minister, Ministry officials assignments, ensures . . .
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