• Preferental Agrocredit Project
  • Goverment's New Initiative
  • Animal Health National Program of Georgia 2013-2018
The Presentation has been made on the concept of ‘’Agricultural Insurance Program in Georgia
The  concept of \"National Agricultural Insurance Program  in Georgia\" has been presented to an audience. Moreover, Business & Finance Consulting (BFC) firm has implemented various projects including research for  agro insurance potential and capabilities along with the concept for agricultural insurance program which has been developed...
Mr. Danelia attended the Opening Ceremony of Georgian Wine House in China
Otar Danelia, Minister of Agriculture opened  a Georgian Wine House in the center of city Yu, Province of Zhejiang  in  China,  where thirty species of  dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet wines will be presented. Around one million liters of wine  have been exported to China over the recent years,  furthermore, wine makes up 93 percent of the...
Georgia - China agreed on a Plan of Cooperation regarding the Development of Tea Industry
Otar Danelia, Minister of Agriculture along with the delegation members of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia met with the representatives of the Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Furthermore, Yajun Yang, Professor, Director of Tea Research Institute ( CAAS ) acquainted Georgian Delegation with Chinese tea value...
Otar Danelia pays an Official Visit to the People\'s Republic of China
  Mr. Danelia, Minister of Agriculture of Georgia  through official invitation of Han Changpu, Minister of Agriculture of China  holds a visit  to Beijing. The prospects of implementing joint agricultural projects have been underlined at the meeting.At the meeting with his Chinese Counterpart Minister Mr. Danelia  drew  attention to the ...
Agricultural Statistics Development Strategy is Launched in Georgia
  The  joint workshop on \"National Statistical System Strategic Plan for Agriculture and Rural  Settlement of Georgia\"  has been attended by Gocha Tsopurashvili, Deputy Minister of Agriculture along with  producers and users of agricultural statistics.  The  workshop has been held under the initiative of  the Ministry of Agriculture, ...